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Product~ Reverse Osmosis~BTR-10A Floor Stand Drinking Water Machine




CW 939




BTR-10A-UV  Floor stand drinking system

Our flagship floor stand unit features everything you will need for clean water in a compact fashionable design.

Detail Specifications:

Power Consumption: Compressor 180W (1/8HP) Heater 460W
Tank capacity : 5 L Cold, 3 L warm
Technology: 4 stage Reverse Osmosis
Special Features:

  • Stainless Steel tanks

  • Intermittence UV interior sterilizer

    Dimension: H1250xW300xD420 (mm) Weight: 40kg
    Storage Tank Capacity Buffer tank 19L,Hot water tank 3L,Cold water tank 5 L Display: 3 colored VFD、5 stages hot and cold conditions
    Capacity: 300L/day(12~13L/hr) Power Switch: Main Power, Independent Heating and Cooling system power switches on the back
    Maximum tolerable Water Pressure: 85 psi Anti-bacterial design Water Tank has built-in intermittence UV light that will disinfect the inside of tank periodically. Other material that is in contact with water are made of NSF Grade materials
    Tank Overflow Protection With electronic weight sensor and also float valve for double protections Power consumption: Hot: 460W,Cold180W(1/8HP)
    Dispenser Outlet Electronic Solenoid Valves Power Protection: Internal Fuse
    Temp: Hot: 85~95Cold: down to 4C Power Source: 220~240VAC, 13A
    Tank Materials: SS316 stainless steel hot and cold tanks, Buffer tank: anti-bacterial plastic R/O Membrane: USA
    Cartridges access: With front spring open cover for easy access to filter changes International Certificates: UL-CSA, CE, Water Mark

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